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Drinking Water, Wastewater and Process Water Product Range


A convenient method of small-scale chlorination

Instachlor PR tablets may be added directly to water containers, water tanks, wells or small reservoirs. The choice of Instachlor PR tablet will depend on the quantity of water to be treated.

The tablets should be used in accordance with standard chlorination practice depending on the water to be treated and the purpose of treatment.


Where chlorination is to be carried out to disinfect the water, a free chlorine residual of 1 mg/l should be achieved in the treated water. Note that it will normally be necessary to add a higher dose to satisfy the chlorine demand of the water.

Product Codes

WT 442   Instachlor PR-1000

WT 446   Instachlor PR-1000

WT 424   Instachlor PR-150

WT 448   Instachlor PR-3000

WT 415   Instachlor PR-40

WT 406   Instachlor PR-5

WT 400   Water Services Kit




Product Code

Instachlor PR – 1000

100 Tablets

WT 442

Instachlor PR – 1000

300 Tablets

WT 446

Instachlor PR – 150

250 Tablets

WT 424

Instachlor PR – 3000

200 Tablets

WT 448

Instachlor PR – 40

250 Tablets

WT 415

Instachlor PR – 5

500 Tablets

WT 406

Water Services Kit

Complete Kit for
Disinfection of Water

WT 400



Instachlor PR Instructions


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