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Wagtech water test kits Product Range

Wagtech Potatest

Replaced now with the Potatest + Rapid Response Portable Water Quality Laboratory, the original Wagtech Potatest is still in active service today.

Widely used by humanitarian organisations involved in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, large scale emergencies or refugee camps the Wagtech Potatest offered an ideal solution which has now been improved and upgraded with the new Potatest + Rapid Response Portable Water Quality Laboratory. The new model includes:

Find out more about the Potatest + Rapid Response Portable Water Quality Laboratory here. Existing Wagtech Potatest users can access support material via our Know portal and rely on spares and consumables from current sources.

Product Codes

Potatest®: Emergency Rapid Response Kit (Physico-Chemical + Microbiological)      WAG-WE10005



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