How do I perform a dilution of 10 times or higher?

  1. Decide on the degree of sample dilution required and consult the table for the correct fill level in the syringe
Required Dilution Fill Syringe with Sample to this Level
x10 10mL
x20 5mL
x25 4mL
x50 2mL
x100 1mL


  1. Place the tip of the syringe in the sample and draw the sample up into the syringe until the level corresponds to the appropriate fill level
  2. Pour the liquid from the syringe into a clean dilution tube. Top the tube up with deionised water up to the line marked ‘Deionised water’.
  3. Cap the tube and mix the solution
  4. Use the diluted sample and carry out the test as normal
  5. Multiply the test result by the dilution factor used (example: if you originally selected a x25 dilution, then the test kit result should be multiplied by 25 to give the concentration in the original sample)

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