My Lumiso Check Standards indicate my photometer is out of calibration, what should I do?

If the Check Standard readings indicate that the instrument is ‘out of calibration’ there are a few things you can try prior to arranging servicing/ recalibration of the instrument.

We would recommend that you carefully clean the photometer, especially the cell holder and optical windows, using a soft cloth and antistatic foam cleaner. Once this has been thoroughly cleaned, try re-reading the standards.

Please also carefully check the following:

If these are not correct, we would recommend first obtaining a new set of check standards for your instrument.

Failing this, please contact Palintest or your local Palintest Distributor to arrange for servicing and recalibration of your instrument.

Important: If returning an instrument to our service department please let us know that the instrument is incorrectly reading the check standards with details of the part and serial numbers of the standards and which of them is failing to read correctly

Currently the contact form is under maintenance, please use the below contact details to speak to your local Palintest branch where a member of the team will be happy to assist.

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