What are DBPs (Disinfection By-Products)? 

Disinfection by-products (DBPs) is a term used to describe all the molecules generated as a result of any disinfection processing of water. For the most part this is key in drinking water, pool & spa water, and in industrial wash waters but can be important in other industrial applications too. To view all applications click here.

Generally, DBPs are responsible for any irritation of the eyes and lungs when near or in disinfection-controlled water, and will also contribute to asthma, especially in children. Additionally, there is significant evidence that many DBPs are carcinogenic, meaning they will increase the likelihood of cancers in those exposed to them.

It is important to monitor both the water quality, and also the air quality if the water is in an enclosed space, for example an indoor pool. This is because DBPs are volatile compounds, meaning they will easily get into the air from the water.

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