Servicing and Calibration

Palintest Photometers are renowned for being used in the field for many years. By effectively maintaining your photometer, you can help prevent any long-term damage which can put your instrument out of use.

As with any electrical instrument in regular contact with water, the instrument is prone to water damage. Whilst all Palintest photometers are certified as IP67 waterproof; water marks and dirt on the optics of the instrument can affect instrument performance. For more information about cleaning and maintaining your photometer, please see this guide.

A Palintest Service is all inclusive with no hidden costs. A photometer service includes:

  • Visual evaluation of the instrument and its components
  • Thorough internal and external clean
  • Any required software upgrades
  • Up to 66 calibration point check and re-calibration
  • A full test to highlight any errors or inconsistencies
  • All necessary repairs

Repairs are included in an instrument service but if the instrument is no longer viable for repair, our team will contact you regarding options. On the completion of a service and repair, each instrument will be provided with a new certificate.

Servicing is available across the Palintest range, please contact our team for more information about what is available for your instrument and how you can get it serviced.

Please note all instruments must be booked in with our team, prior to being sent to Palintest so we can book your timeslot. Any instruments not booked in before shipping, are likely to be subject to delays. 

    To contact our team please fill out the enquiry form below. Please note we aim to respond to all enquiries within 2 working days.