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The processing of food and beverage is a highly regulated industry, with food safety the top priority amongst food producers, retailers and consumers. Our technologies help producers reach the highest standards of safety, with critical process and disinfection control.


Poultry Processing: Why Kemio Performs Better Than Drop Count

Have you ever experienced a variation in PAA readings across different operators, shifts or even departments at your poultry processing plant? Find out why.
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Sanitation is employed in all food and beverage sectors, often with stringent controls and regulations. Monitoring and validation of these sanitisers helps ensure produce quality and safety is protected. Palintest technologies are used in facilities across the food and beverage industry to protect produce quality and safety.
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Food and beverage products go through a series of cleaning and sanitisation processes. Different processes are suitable for different produce types, however the cleaning and washing procedure will vary depending on the producer.
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<h2>Kemio Disinfection</h2>

Kemio Disinfection

Kemio makes light work of effective disinfection monitoring, with our unique, patented sensor technology. Test for bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and PAA on one instrument.
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Fresh Produce Guide

Download our guide about the validation of fresh produce wash water sanitisers. Also take a look at our webinar on disinfection in food and beverage applications.
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