Water Testing in the Beverage and Bottling Industry

The soft drink and bottled water industry is estimated to be worth $228 billion worldwide. With consumers in different regions having different taste preferences, the overall product variants continue to rise.

The many uses of water in beverage and bottling

Water plays the most crucial role in the production of beverages and through the bottling process. Not only providing the basis for the product but also being used throughout the process to rinse, wash and clean many of the parts.

Ensuring that the water is the optimum quality and correct chemical make up is essential for the safety of the product, but also the final product quality and taste.

Disinfection and water treatment in beverage and bottling

For beverage and bottling production, water will go through a series of treatment processes which will often involve water filtration and treatment. Disinfection is critical to reduce microbial contamination and to prevent additional costs associated with spoiled batches.

Importance of testing in beverage and bottling

After treatment the water must then be tested to ensure that it contains the optimum amount of disinfection chemical.  Overdosing of disinfection is both costly and can damage the quality of the end product, whilst underdosing is potentially dangerous if there is not enough chemical to remove pathogens. Effective test methods are therefore critical for quality control, product safety and cost efficiency.

Kemio, our next generation technology, it is the most simple and effective way of testing sanitisers in water. Test for Bromine, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and PAA (peracetic acid) on one instrument with the use of different sensors.

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