Water Testing In The Dairy Industry

Dairy products are products which contain or are produced by milk, and include many food items such as yoghurt and cheese. Despite changing consumer demands towards vegan alternatives, the dairy industry continues to grow and is estimated to be worth $41.5 billion in the US alone in 2020.

Importance of disinfection in dairy production and processing

Dairy products are known to be susceptible to foodbourne illness, but procedures have developed rapidly over the last 20 years to prevent this.

Cleaning and sanitation plays a critical role in ensuring that dairy products are safe. Each part of the system and equipment must be sanitised, with a more widespread use of Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems helping to improve this process.

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Disinfectants used in dairy production and processing

Chlorine has been widely used in the dairy industry for many years, however there is growing concern about the effects of chlorine by-products, namely chlorates. With this in mind, many producers are turning to alternative disinfectants including chlorine dioxide and peracetic acid (PAA).

Importance of disinfectant monitoring in dairy processing

Effective disinfection and water management is important to ensure safety and protect the quality of the end product. Cleaning in Place systems in particular rely on precise amounts of sanitisers, with defined levels set to ensure that the system can operate effectively.

Kemio has been specifically designed to support effective sanitisation in the food and beverage industry – it is the most simple and effective way of testing sanitisers in water. Test for Bromine, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and PAA (peracetic acid) on one instrument with the use of different sensors.

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