Water Testing In The Fresh Produce Industry

Global fresh fruit and vegetable exports were $106bn in 2016 and the trend is for increased growth. The UN forecasts the global population to rise to 9.7 billion in 2050. This increase in population is driving a rapidly increasing need for expansion in food production and processing.

Despite these huge growth figures, food and safety and process efficiency remain top priorities for producers, who are continually squeezed to reduce cost and boost output.

To find out how to minimise risks in processing take a look at our article Minimising Risks In Food And Beverage Processing

Fresh produce washing and sanitising

Produce washing, primary and secondary, is the removal of soil, debris and other contaminants. These can be decaying plant tissue, residues from irrigation water or even faecal matter from birds, insects and other animals. sanitising is treating water with an agent that is designed to prevent cross-contamination during washing. When properly controlled, washing and sanitising have the potential to reduce the overall microbial load of produce.

Using Kemio to measure disinfectants in fresh produce

Kemio Disinfection, our next generation measurement platform, has been designed specifically to support sanitisation procedures in food processing. Kemio utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique to test Bromine, Chlorine (free and total), Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors.

Unlike traditional measurement techniques, Kemio is truly simple to use and guides the user with visual on-screen instructions, minimising chances for errors caused by users. With on-screen visual instructions, Kemio™ can be used by anyone straight out of the box.

Palintest sensor technology has been independently verified as the best test method for testing produce wash water. A study by CEBAS investigated 5 test methods, and our chronoamperometric sensor was found to be the best test method offering precise, real-time monitoring of wash water. Find out more about the study and why Kemio has been identified as the best method here.

To find out more about how Kemio Disinfection is used to advance disinfectant analysis and validation in different food and beverage applications watch our webinar recording here. 

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