Water Testing In The Brewing Industry

Beer continues to be in huge demand worldwide, with America’s Beer Distributors reporting that the US beer industry sold over 200 million barrels of beer in 2019. The brewing industry has faced a significant shift over the last decade as we see an expansive rise in craft beer producers.

Importance of disinfection in the brewing industry

As with the wider food and beverage processing industry, disinfectants play a critical role in minimising the impact of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. Disinfectants are used in the process water, wastewater, cleaning in place systems and on surfaces.

What disinfectants are used in the brewing industry?

The most common disinfectant used in brewing is chlorine. Chlorine is a relatively cheap and effective sanitiser which is easy to prepare. However other disinfectants are growing in popularity such as hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. Each have different benefits and the choice of sanitiser will largely depend on local regulations, efficacy, chemical cost and material handling.

Why is it important to monitor disinfectants in brewing?

Using too much disinfectant in the brewing process will affect the taste and overall quality of the end product, whereas using too little disinfectant can lead to contamination and spoiled batches. Monitoring your disinfectant levels throughout the process is therefore critical to ensure product quality and to limit costs associated to discarded batches.

What is the best method for monitoring disinfection in brewing?

Kemio technology, our next generation measurement platform, is the easiest way to measure top disinfection parameters. Kemio utilises a sophisticated electrochemical technique to test Bromine, Chlorine (free and total), Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Peracetic Acid (PAA) on one instrument with the use of different sensors.

Kemio Disinfection delivers repeatable and reliable results for every user. Unlike traditional measurement techniques, Kemio is truly simple to use and guides the user with visual on-screen instructions, minimising chances for errors caused by users.

To find out more about Kemio Disinfection visit the product page or contact a member of our team below. 

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