Water is a basic human right and yet many around the world still live without access to clean and safe drinking water. Often in communities where laboratory infrastructure is limited, safe water testing and monitoring is challenging. Palintest’s range of portable test kits have been designed for field testing, making water testing accessible for all.

Gift Of Sight Campaign - Changing Lives in Ghana

Our innovation scientist, Samantha Lunn, visited Ghana to support the Gift of Sight Campaign. Find out about the campaign and read Sam's account of the week here.
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Wagtech kits are designed to identify the safety of drinking water sources on-site, working in remote locations away from laboratories.  
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<h3>Did you know...</h3>

Did you know...

Did you know the Wagtech™ Potalab+ is the ultimate portable water quality laboratory. Ideally suited to longer term surveillance and professional monitoring,
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Potatest+ Emergency Water Testing

The simplest and most widely-used kit within our Wagtech range is the Potatest+. This kit is designed for use in emergency situations, such as natural disasters or developing refugee situations. The Potatest+ is used to assess available water sources, such as boreholes, rivers or tankered water, and decide on their suitability for provision as drinking water.
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Combining forces: Palintest and Wagtech

In 2011 Palintest and Wagtech joined forces to help improve WASH for communities worldwide. Here we explain how the two companies came together and how we are fighting to improve water quality for communities worldwide.
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