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Regular testing of pool and spa facilities is required to ensure the safety of swimmers visiting your premises. It is also plays an important role in protecting the infrastructure of your pool. Effective water management enables the optimisation of your treatment plan, maintaining water balance and disinfection control.

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How Often Should I Conduct a Pool and Spa Water Test?

Daily pool water testing is required to effectively monitor pH levels and disinfectant residuals such as chlorine, to prevent chemical irritation for swimmers. To maintain water quality weekly tests must also be carried out to test parameters such as: alkalinity, total dissolved solids, calcium hardness and water balance.

To eliminate the risk of recreational water illnesses, microbiological pool and spa tests must be done monthly. Microbiological testing is critical in stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Palintest Pool and Spa Testing Solutions

Palintest offer a range of easy to use, dependable pool and spa testing solutions to suit residential and commercial pool and spa users. Our pool and spa test kits range from simple visual tests, such as our Pool Test Strips, to advanced digital testing using our photometers. Our pool and spa photometers are easy to use and have been designed to simplify the process of professional pool and spa management.

The Pooltest 25 is our top of the range pool photometer covering the complete range of water testing parameters. It enables you to help identify chemical concentration and monitor water balance through accurate digital analysis. This pool photometer is a waterproof, durable and versatile tool that utilises the global standard DPD method, developed by Dr Palin himself.

The brand new Lumiso Pooltest 4 photometer is ideal for testing spas and indoor pools. This spa photometer is packaged in a custom case, inclusive all reagents and accessories.  Combine the Lumiso Pooltest 4 with a TDS meter for complete compliance to the HGS:282 UK spa regulations.

Our pool test and spa test technology has been designed and manufactured to give you the peace of mind that you need when running your facility.

Utilising our vast experience in providing spa and pool water testing products across the globe we have created a number of useful guides, which you can find below and in our content hub, to help you effectively manage the water chemistry of your pool or spa facility.

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Introducing the all New Lumiso Pooltest Expert

A multi-parameter benchtop photometer for accurate water testing across key and troubleshooting parameters. Available now!
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Reopening Your Pool Facility after COVID-19

We have collated the guidelines to help you understand what is required to reopen your pool facilities following the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions.

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Pool And Spa Photometers

Palintest Pooltest photometers are renown for being reliable and easy to use. View our range of Pool and Spa photometers to get the instrument best suited for your testing needs.
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Download Our Spa Chemistry Guide

We’ve put together a helpful spa chemistry guide to give you all the information you need for expert spa management. For more pool and spa content visit our Content Hub.
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Case Study: Aqua Babies

Aqua Babies have been using Palintest equipment for years, and have most recently turned to the Pooltest 9 Photometer to make daily checks for chlorine and pH levels in the pool.

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Pool And Spa Visual Products

View our range of Pool and Spa Visual products to get the instrument best suited for your testing needs.
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