Process Water

Process Water

Process Water is loosely described as water used in industry such as manufacturing, chemical processing, cooling towers and power generation. Because of the broad nature of the application, testing required in each sub-sector is also known to vary widely.

Regular water testing is an important process as it can help to verify the safety of the procedure and optimise the industrial process, both from a cost and operational standpoint.

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Photometer 7500 product image
Photometer 7500

The Photometer 7500 is Palintest’s top range photometer covering all major water quality parameters, with more than 80 test methods.

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Kemio™ Disinfection product image
Kemio™ Disinfection

Kemio™ is the next generation measurement platform. A sophisticated electrochemical technique which removes complexity for the user, reducing user errors and delivering quality results that you can trust.

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Macro 900 Water Quality System product image
Macro 900 Water Quality System

The Macro 900 Water Quality System is a fully customisable kit, tailored to your testing needs.

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