Water Utilities

Water Utilities

Regular testing in the water utilities industry is essential for safe handling of drinking water and wastewater. Palintest work with water utility companies around the globe to help meet regulatory standards and ensure the highest standards of water safety. With ever increasing demands on water utility companies, Palintest products help to simplify testing procedures to prompt rapid corrective action.

Lead in Drinking Water

Recent examples of lead contamination in Hong Kong and Michigan, USA have highlighted a continuous need for lead monitoring in drinking water networks.
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<h3>Kemio Heavy Metals™</h3>

Kemio Heavy Metals™

Protect against lead and cadmium contamination to ensure safe drinking water quality.
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Turbidity Testing

Turbidity is a measure of how cloudy water is, it is often used to measure the sanitary quality of water and can be used as an indicator of filters not working effectively. Find out more about turbidity in different applications
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Case Study: SESW

The Turbimeter is easy to use, and getting a result takes clicking one button. it saves a lot of subjective debates stood in the rain at 4am.
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Combined Kit

Ideal for professionals in water utilities, combine turbidity and chlorine testing in one portable kit. Available with the Chlorometer and Chlorometer Duo.
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Testing for Ammonia

Ammonia is naturally found in water, as it is produced through the decay of organic matter as well as by humans through the production of fertilisers, plastics, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.

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