Water Utilities

Regular water quality testing is needed to safeguard human health and is essential for drinking water and wastewater systems. Palintest have been working with water utility providers around the globe for many years, helping them to meet regulatory standards and ensure the highest standards of water safety.With ever increasing demands on water utility companies, Palintest products help to simplify water testing procedures to prompt rapid corrective action.

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With a range of drinking water testing kits, Palintest products can help you meet the highest standards of taste, compliance and water safety. Choose our combined turbidity and chlorine kits to have the drinking water basics in one kit. For heavy metals testing, choose our Kemio Heavy Metals for quick and easy testing of lead and cadmium, using our patented sensor technology.

Wastewater management can be complex, requiring a comprehensive wastewater treatment program.  to ensure compliance and effective disinfection procedure, wastewater testing is critical, particularly for key parameters including ammonia, COD and chlorine.

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Safeguarding Drinking Water In Schools

The Palintest USA team has been in Canada training 250 people to use our Kemio Heavy Metals to identify drinking water contaminated with lead in local schools. Kemio will detect lead contamination in 3 minutes, enabling the school to close off any affected water supply.
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<h3>Kemio™ Heavy Metals</h3>

Kemio™ Heavy Metals

Protect against lead and cadmium contamination to ensure safe drinking water.
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Supporting Efforts To Control Coronavirus

With governments around the world doing all possible to limit the impact of COVID-19, our products are playing an important role in controlling and preventing the spread of this virus. Get an update on Palintest and find out how Palintest technology is being used to help control COVID-19.
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Turbidity Testing

Turbidity is a measure of how cloudy water is, it is often used to measure the sanitary quality of water and can be used as an indicator of filters not working effectively. Find out more about turbidity in different applications
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Testing For Ammonia

Ammonia needs to be monitored in drinking water to safeguard human health.
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Case Study: SESW

"The Turbimeter is easy to use, and getting a result takes clicking one button. it saves a lot of subjective debates stood in the rain at 4am." - – Adrian Palmer, Customer Field Manager at SESW
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