What you need to know about monitoring Total Residual Oxidants

What are total residual oxidants?

Total residual oxidant measurement refers to the oxidants produced as by-products in a reaction with a disinfectant. They are normally referred to in the context of drinking water and pool & spa applications.

‘Total residual oxidants’ is most commonly used as an umbrella term referring to by-products including hypochlorite, chlorite, chlorate and chlorine dioxide. It may also include chlorine if chlorinated water is being treated with ClO2.

Where are total residual oxidants monitored?

Total residual oxidants in drinking water

Total residual oxidant measurement can be used in the drinking water application, usually when chlorine dosing is used as it measures all disinfection by-products including chlorine dioxide, chlorite, and chlorate. Kemio, our next generation measurement platform is the ideal choice for measuring chlorine dioxide and chlorite in water. Find out more below.

Total residual oxidants in pool and spa

Total residual oxidants is a measurement occasionally used to measure the total disinfectant residual in the pool and spa application.

How to measure chlorine dioxide and chlorite?  

Kemio™, our multiparameter portable testing platform, performs testing for chlorine dioxide and chlorite with the use of different sensors. To find out more about how Kemio™ works read our support article How Does Kemio™ Work? The Technical Summary.

Designed to simplify water monitoring Kemio gives clear direction to the user with on-screen visual instructions, minimising the chance for errors caused by the user. The integrated data log automatically captures 10,000 results to provide a traceable, auditable dataset. Additionally, test limits can be set to see pass and fail results to enable corrective action.

Kemio™ is suitable for all sample types including those which are coloured, turbid or include floating particles.

To learn more about Kemio™ Disinfection or to enquire about a trial, please contact our team below.

WWEM 2014

This information was originally taken from WWEM 2014, where we held a workshop specifically designed to equip you with the key facts you need when using chlorine dioxide as your disinfectant.

Download the presentation here.

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