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Aqua Babies is a highly distinguished Baby Swim School with STAmark accreditation located in the North of England. Their reputation is based on their commitment to demonstrate high standards of water quality, especially since young babies are more sensitive than adults.

Aqua Babies hydrotherapy or similar small leisure swimming pools are maintained at temperatures above 30˚C which is ideal for young babies. The water is kept safe with a treatment based on low levels of chlorine and Ultraviolet disinfection (U.V) leading to very low levels of combined chlorine.

Trichloramines are generated when chlorine reacts with sweat and urine. Being volatile, they can be found in the air and cause irritation to bather’s eyes and respiratory systems. The Aqua Babies staff are all trained in pool water testing and their daily testing routine helps to limit the formation of trichloramines and ensure the water quality is optimum for the babies.

Best practice in pool testing can only be achieved with the best testing equipment. Aqua Babies have been using our range of Pooltest instruments for many years, and more recently our latest Pooltest 9 to make daily checks for chlorine and pH levels in the pool. Pooltest photometers are simple to use and reliable to monitor the effectiveness of disinfection, which can provide reassurance for parents that the water is clean and safe.

Pooltest 9 for effective pool and spa management
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