Best Practice Tips for Water Testing

Water testing using a Palintest photometer

  • Testing equipment should be kept clean with no water marks, fingerprints, scratches or stains. Preferably test equipment should be rinsed with distilled water after and prior to use.

Note: Plasticware can deteriorate over relatively short periods of time and should be replaced regularly. Caps and crush rods should be replaced if they become stained.

  • Test methods must be followed carefully as deviations in the test temperature, the order of steps or in the standing time can cause results to be unreliable.

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  • Reagent tablets must be fully dissolved before a result is read.
  • Test reagents must be used within the best before date.
  • Reagents are formulated specifically for Palintest instruments and test equipment, products from different manufacturers cannot be used interchangeably.
  • If deposits or bubbles form, leave for a few minutes to clear unless the test is time-specific. Bubbles can usually be cleared using a crushing rod or by gently tapping the side of the sample tube.
  • The dilution method can be used to bring results that are above the range of the test into range for reliable results.

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