Our History: 30 years as Palintest

Palintest has a long history in chemical and water analysis, with origins dating back to the 1800s. Originally as Wilkinson and Simpson, the business was involved in chemical manufacturing and the pharmaceutical wholesale business until the 1950s.

The breakthrough for the company as we know it today came in the mid-1900s when Dr Thomas Palin joined the business. A water scientist and chemist, Dr Palin pioneered the work of breakpoint chlorination for water and the invention of the DPD method for determination of chlorine.

Groundbreaking at the time of its inception, Dr Palin’s method was adopted worldwide and continues to be the standard method of chlorine determination throughout the world.

Following this work, Dr Palin continued to work within the business, working with the team to develop a range of tests to make water analysis simple and accessible for everyone. Palintest now manufactures hundreds of reagent test methods, testing for the full range of water quality parameters.

In 1983, Wilkinson and Simpson was acquired by Halma plc, who recognised the impact of their technologies for improving water safety standards for people around the world. Then in 1989, Wilkinson and Simpson was renamed Palintest in honour of Dr Palin’s groundbreaking work.

This year celebrating 30 years of being known as Palintest, the company continues to go from strength to strength, continually working on water analysis technologies which help to safeguard water for everyone, every day. 

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Water scientist and Chemist Dr Thomas Palin

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