Combining Forces: Palintest & Wagtech

Palintest has a long history as chemistry experts dating back over 100 years. The prominence of the business grew in the 1950s, as Dr Palin pioneered the DPD method for field analysis of free and total chlorine.

This was adopted across the world, with testing made accessible for all communities. Since then Palintest has continued Dr Palin’s philosophy, pushing the boundaries to make water testing accessible for everyone.

Wagtech has long been an established name in the development sector, providing portable test kits designed to determine the safety of drinking water sources on-site.

Permanganate value test results, purple liquid in large clear vial
2 Men and 1 Women carrying Wagtech emergency kit backpacks in a flooded street

Most often working in remote locations away from laboratories; these kits were a lifeline for communities who wanted to determine water quality quickly and easily.For many years, Palintest and Wagtech were in partnership; with Palintest providing components for the testing kits, including photometers, comparators and reagents, including DPD.

In 2011, the Palintest and Wagtech families officially joined forces as Wagtech became a brand of Palintest. This enabled the Wagtech kits to benefit from Palintest’s wider expertise, to develop the kits and broadening the reach of Wagtech to enable more people to test water quality worldwide

Over the coming years, the kits were developed to make testing even quicker and easier for users. The team worked closely with end users to adapt the kits to the growing depends in the WASH sector. These redesigned kits offered users more choice in selecting a kit that meets their specific requirements, with a standard rivalling that of fully developed laboratory.

In the next few weeks we will be sharing the story of our Wagtech kits, explaining what each is used for and what makes them unique. To ensure you don’t miss it, follow our social channels:

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