Driving the change in bathing water safety

What if bathing water testing was different?

What if bathing water quality management was an active process, driven by real-time data? What if bathing water users could be protected by wider health impact monitoring information? What if pollution incidents could be identified as they occur?

Introducing SirenBW

SirenBW is the new concept from Palintest, delivering real-time pathogen risk information to support complete bathing water quality monitoring and user protection.

The patented SirenBW method detects the quantity of lipopolysaccharides (LPS), the key cause of inflammatory and immune response present within Gram-negative pathogens such as E. coli, pseudomonas and campylobacter. Through the analysis of this health risk indicator, monitoring teams can generate real-time data to protect bathing water users.

Protecting life and the environment

Unlike traditional faecal indicator approaches, the SirenBW method generates results in around 30 minutes and is designed for testing at the point of use.

With SirenBW the gap between sampling and action disappears, protecting bathing water users by identifying problems in real-time and reducing the exposure to poor bathing water quality..

SirenBW increases management of bathing water quality by supplementing current indicator compliance sampling and improving predictive modelling of bathing waters. By removing “blind” sampling we can locate the sources and causes of pollution, and take meaningful and cost-effective steps to protect and improve the environment.

We are working with a number of key partners to evaluate our Siren kits. If you want to drive the change to improve bathing water standards, contact our team to get involved.

SirenBW is our innovative approach to bathing water monitoring
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