Emergency Response to Safeguard Local Water Supplies

In response to the crisis in China , the Palintest team have been in the Heilongjiang Province providing emergency support to control a leakage polluting the Yihulan River.

At Palintest, it is our mission to safeguard water for everyone, every day. We believe that every person has a right to clean and safe water. Always on hand to support during difficult times, we have a long history of supporting the international development and humanitarian sector. Our expertise and extensive global logistics network means we are always ready to respond to crisis situations.

Critical Support in an Emergency Situation

In North East China, Yichun Luming Mining Co. Ltd.’s tailings dam leaked and contaminated the Yihulan River; one of the main rivers flowing into the Songhua River. The spill contaminated water up to 110 km away. To protect the local water supply it was vital to stop the leakage flowing into the Songhua River.

In emergency response to the crisis the Palintest team attended the site and supplied testing equipment. Our vast experience and presence in the water testing market allows us to offer localised support. The team trained more than 40 operators to measure contamination levels. Such a critical situation required around the clock support to ensure accurate monitoring of the water; we have team members based across China on hand to offer support.

Protecting Local Water Supplies

Thanks to the substantial support and rapid response from Palintest China the leakage was controlled and did not flow into the Songhua River. We are delighted we were able to play a part in safeguarding the local water supply. We have since received a letter of thanks from the China National Environmental Monitoring Centre and Department of Ecology and Environment of Heilongjiang Province.

As the experts in simple and accessible water analysis technologies we are dedicated to providing reliable support in crisis situations. Please contact our team below if you want more information about the support we offer.


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