Product End of Life Announcement

At Palintest, we are committed to continual product development, ensuring that we deliver the best technologies to help safeguard water for everyone, every day.

From time to time, this means we are required to discontinue product lines, enabling us to streamline our processes and deliver the very best service to our customers.

We are committed to minimalizing disruption and supporting our customers in the best way, which is why we would like to notify you of the intention to discontinue some of our sensor products.

From 30th June 2019, the following instruments will no longer be available for purchase from Palintest: ChloroSense, ChlordioXense, ChlordioX Plus, ChloroSense HR and PAASense.

This product range is being retired and replaced by our next generation sensor instrument, Kemio™.

Kemio™ uses the same electrochemical sensor technology but has greater technical performance and is designed to provide an improved user experience. The multiparameter instrument is powered by disposable Kemio™ sensors, which minimise potential user error and deliver repeatable and reliable results. With the latest touchscreen technology and advanced data management for expert traceability, Kemio™ delivers the results you need from a method you can trust.

From 31st December 2021*, we will also be discontinuing our range of corresponding sensors. The affected product codes are:

  • Chlorine Sensors – CS110/CS150
  • Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite Sensors – CDX310/CDX350
  • Chlorine HR Sensors – CS810/CS850
  • Peracetic Acid Sensors – CS710/CS750
Chlorine sensor test

The above sensor products will be discontinued to enable the development of the Kemio™ sensor range. Please note that the above sensors are not compatible with the Kemio™ instrument.

Customers currently using ChloroSense, ChlordioXense, ChlordioX Plus, ChloroSense HR and/or PAASense can continue to use the instrument as normal. Sensor packs for these instruments have a two-year shelf-life. Palintest will continue to support the range, with all instruments covered with their existing warranties as normal.

For instruments requiring repairs or replacement, or when looking to discuss upgrade and trade-in options, please contact our team here.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our team who will be happy to help.


*The 30th June 2021 was originally communicated as the end of life date for this line. This has now been extended to 31st December 2021 to help ensure a smooth transition for our customers. 

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