Improving drinking water quality in Yingshan County

The safety of drinking water can be compromised by summer floods in Yingshan County, located in China’s Dabie Mountains. To safeguard drinking water, Yingshan County’s Health Bureau has now implemented a new initiative to monitor water quality.

Water treatment technologies in mountainous counties are still coming up short, and as a result the safety of people’s drinking water has not been effectively safeguarded and remained largely dependent on the weather.
At the beginning of 2017, Yingshan County Health Bureau strengthened water quality supervision at the county’s 27 daily water supply operations.
Training their teams on effective technical monitoring of water, quality was being improved at the businesses which collectively supply more than 200 tons of water a day.
Taking further action to improve water quality analysis, the County Bureau invested around 300,000 yuan to the local health supervision and law enforcement bureaus, providing agencies and hospitals with Palintest portable water analysis instruments.
In an attempt to protect drinking water, the County implemented a new system demanding water quality monitoring results are released on the County Health Bureau website each day at 10:30am. Providing guidelines to different businesses and departments, the County also created a Water Treatment Plan should the water quality measure at abnormal levels.

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