International Four Day Marches Sponsorship

Our Production Manager, Carl Maddison, volunteers in the Durham Army Cadet Force in his spare time. As part of this, in July he will be participating in the International Four Day Marches in Nijmegen with over 36 other Cadets and adult volunteers from the group. This is the biggest road marching event in the world, involving Cadets and adult volunteers marching 25 miles on four consecutive days. In total over 47000 people take part in marching. The marches are in their 105th year in 2023 and have taken place continuously apart from the war years and the Covid Pandemic.

Palintest are proud to be sponsoring the Durham Army Cadet Force for these marches, and we will be following Carl and the team over the four days of the marches on our LinkedIn, as well as catching up with him when he returns.

Good luck to Carl and the whole Cadet team!

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