Introducing Kemio™ Heavy Metals

Palintest is delighted to announce the release of our new Kemio Heavy Metals, inclusive of testing for lead and cadmium.

Kemio is the next generation measurement platform, delivering repeatable and reliable results to ensure safe drinking water quality. A truly simple test method with visual on-screen instructions, Kemio can be used by anyone with no training required. Suitable in both the laboratory or in the field, Kemio is a lightweight and durable instrument which delivers confident water quality results in 3 minutes.

How does Kemio work?

Kemio is powered by patented, single-use sensors which generate an electrical current by reacting with the chemical or metal in the water sample. Kemio measures this electrical signal to determine the concentration of chemical or heavy metal within the sample.

All combined inside a compact and durable instrument, the user simply collects a sample, inserts a sensor and waits 3 minutes for the result. This easy test ensures that all users get reliable results whether in a laboratory or in the field.

EPA approved portable lead testing

Lead can be found in a wide range of environments, with contamination caused by a variety of industrial activities. In countries with developed water networks, lead contamination is not seen as a huge risk. However recent cases of lead contamination in both Hong Kong and Michigan, US, have highlighted the need for regular lead testing for all samples of drinking water.

Kemio Heavy Metals utilises the only EPA approved method for portable testing of lead in water. Kemio measures lead in water from 2 – 100 μg/L, enabling compliance to the WHO guidelines of 10 µg/L. To find out more about testing for lead visit our lead testing page.

Testing for cadmium with Kemio

Cadmium testing is not a widespread drinking water quality test. However, cadmium contamination of drinking water can be a major issue, particularly in certain geographical regions. A wide array of health risks can be associated with cadmium contamination in drinking water, with issues also arising from cadmium contamination in wastewater, agriculture and food applications. For more information about cadmium, visit our cadmium testing page.

Kemio Heavy Metals is capable of testing cadmium from 0.2 – 10 μg/L. Designed for use across all users, Kemio does the hard work for the user, verifying the presence of cadmium in only 3 minutes.

To find out more about Kemio Heavy Metals, visit our product page, contact our team, or watch our promotional video below.

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