Introducing Palintest’s Brand New Lumiso Photometers

Lightweight and handheld, our new Lumiso photometers are designed for complete portability to perform testing, anywhere. Our new digital photometer is built on the same reliable Palintest technology, but now with new and improved features. 

Why choose Lumiso?

Lumiso uses the most advanced photometric technology to deliver quick and accurate results for effective management of drinking water and wastewater applications.

Lumiso simplifies testing, using language-free visual instructions on the screen to guide the user through the test. The simple two button operation means users can access tests quickly and easily. The large screen increases display information and offers greater ease of use.

For full compliance and auditing, Lumiso logs all test results with the option to access the previous 50 tests in the data log. Connect your Lumiso to a PC via USB to manage this data.

The new and improved Lumiso kit includes space for all accessories including check standards or spare test tubes. Designed for improved portability, the lightweight kit includes space for everything you need to perform a test anywhere.

This new kit includes a waterproof reagent box which can be refilled with any new reagents. The waterproof design protects from any water damage and minimises the overall amount of packaging used in the kits.

Is Lumiso right for me? 

Each of our Lumiso photometers measure a different parameter or set of parameters. Therefore, the applications they are used in can vary. The Lumiso range includes four instruments, each suitable for different testing environments.

Lumiso Chlorine: is ideal for contractors working within the drinking water industry to test low levels of chlorine, it can also be used by water utilities for in-process testing of drinking water. 

Lumiso Chlorine Dioxide: can be used by water utilities for drinking water testing after disinfection, as well as for applications such as ships for onboard ballast water testing. 

Lumiso Ammonia: is used for waste water and pollution monitoring applications usually undertaken by water utilities or environment agencies. 

Lumiso Ozone: is ideal for bottling applications to test for ozone as part of a production line control. It can also be used in food applications where produce washing takes place.

If you would like to find out more about Lumiso please contact a member of our team by clicking here.

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