Introducing the Pooltest 10®

Making professional pool and spa management easy; the Pooltest 10 includes tests for the 10 most critical water testing parameters.

Palintest is delighted to introduce the new Pooltest 10. Covering all the major water quality parameters for professional pool management, the Pooltest 10 is a staple for any professional pool environment.Regular pool testing helps to ensure the safety of swimmers, whilst also protecting the pool infrastructure, helping to maintain the correct water balance to combat corrosion or scaling. The Pooltest 10 includes calculations for Palintest Water Balance and the Langelier Index, making professional pool management easy.

What can you expect from the Pooltest 10?

Digital measurement for increased accuracy
Utilising colorimetric analysis for quick and accurate results

Suitable for poolside use
IP67 waterproof and portable. Protective carry case included.

Create complete data sets for improved pool management
Store 100 user IDs and 500 data sets

Includes all major pool parameters
Bromine, Calcium Hardness, Chlorine (free, combined & total), Copper, Cyanuric Acid, Iron, Ozone, pH Phenol Red, Phosphate & Total Alkalinity

For more information about the Pooltest 10 visit the product page or contact our team.

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Pooltest 10 - making professional pool and spa management easy
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