Introducing The Wagtech Potatest Go

Palintest is delighted to announce the addition of the Potatest Go to our Wagtech™ range, the leading brand for emergency response water testing. Helping to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) standards worldwide our Wagtech™ portable water quality laboratories enable simple and accessible testing anywhere.

The Potatest Go is ideal for water testing in emergency situations and for simple water quality testing projects. The new upright kit design has been adapted to improve portability. Test sites can be quickly reached, and the kit is ideal for transportation between multiple sites. With the addition of in-case charging, the kit does not have to be left open and unsecured in order to power the incubator or charge the battery.

Why does water need to be tested?

In emergency situations, such as refugee camps and natural disasters, water quality must be rapidly assessed to protect public health, and to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

Microbiological analysis is used to deliver rapid test results for critical water quality parameters. This supports decision making when selecting between drinking water sources such as rivers or boreholes.

What is included in the kit?

The Potatest Go kit contains all the equipment and accessories required for emergency water testing.

Wagtech Incubator

The biological quality of the water is often the most important to establish. Exposure to microbial pathogens, such as cholera, can have rapid adverse effects on health.

The WagtechTM incubator has been specifically designed for field use, enabling microbiological testing to be performed in the most challenging environments. With a high sample capacity, suitable for thermotolerant/faecal coliforms and total coliforms, up to 20 samples can be incubated simultaneously. The digital incubator is battery-powered and can test five full cycles between charges.

Contour Comparator (Included in WSK)

Chlorine is widely used in emergency situations to treat water – it is simple to dose and measure. Water is disinfected with chlorine to prevent harmful bacteria causing illness. After treatment, you need a small amount of active chlorine (known as residual chlorine) to remain in the water. The presence of residual chlorine indicates that a sufficient amount of chlorine was added to the water and that the water is protected from further contamination.

The quickest and simplest method for testing chlorine is the contour comparator. It is a visual test which uses the globally recognised DPD method.

Double Length Turbidity Tube (Included in WSK)

Turbidity is a critical parameter for drinking water. In emergency situations, it is measured to determine what type and level of treatment is needed. Turbidity can reduce the effectiveness of disinfection treatment. Surface water that is very turbid will often require some type of pre-treatment to prepare it for disinfection.

A turbidity tube is a simple visual test, designed to give a quick and approximate indication of how turbid a sample is.

Pocket pH Sensor (Included in WSK)

The pH of water must be known because it can directly affect the performance of the treatment and disinfection process. Chlorine is sensitive to pH levels; it is much less effective at a high pH.

The pH pocket sensor provides quick and easy field testing of pH. It is a compact handheld meter which has purposefully been designed for field use.

Attachable Water Safety Kit 

The attachable Water Safety Kit (WSK) can easily be transported between test sites. It contains instruments and visual test equipment for simple on-site testing of free, total and combined chlorine, pH and turbidity. Monitoring of these parameters can also assist in the implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSPs), which focus on identifying and eliminating risks.

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