Kemio™ Disinfection, now with Bromine

Available straight away on all Kemio™ Disinfection units, this new test will help support a range of industrial applications, where bromine is used to combat legionella. With a result in only 30 seconds, Kemio™ provides accurate and traceable bromine results to optimise your disinfection process.

Why choose Kemio™?

Ideal for users who use more than one disinfection type, Kemio™ Disinfection enables testing of bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA) on one device.

Kemio™ creates a fully traceable and auditable dataset, with automatic results logging. All test results are stored in the instrument, with a time/date stamp and the ability to add further information such as operator and location. This data can then be downloaded to a PC by connecting the device through USB.

A truly simple test method, Kemio™ makes light work of disinfection monitoring ensuring that you can get repeatable, reliable, and accurate results each time. To see how the test works, watch our instructional video here.

Where is Bromine used?

Bromine is a sanitiser often used as an alternative to Chlorine due to its effectiveness in water with a high pH. Widely used in industrial applications to combat legionella, bromine is commonly used for cooling towers, boiler waters and wastewater. Bromine is also used in refineries, and in oil and gas applications for enhanced and secondary recovery.  

To find out more about bromine and where it is used, click here.

Does Bromine prevent legionnaires?

The best way to prevent legionnaires is to have an active disinfection procedure. Legionella thrives in warm water, but warm water is also known to make many common disinfectants ineffective. Bromine is more effective at higher temperatures and therefore is commonly used to combat legionella.

Regular testing of your water will help to optimise the process to ensure that you are using your bromine chemical effectively and not overdosing your system. Similarly, testing will help to confirm that enough disinfectant is present to prevent legionella growth.

Will the new Bromine test work with my existing Kemio™ Disinfection?

Yes, all existing Kemio™ Disinfection units are now compatible with Bromine. To unlock this new test please ensure your device has the latest software, which can be downloaded here. Bromine can then be added to your test screen on the Kemio™ device.

New sensors will be required to perform a Bromine test. Bromine sensors are available in two pack sizes:

  • 100 pack (KEM21BRS)
  • 500 pack (KEM25BRS)

To view our full list of Kemio™ sensors, click here.

To learn more about Kemio™ Disinfection or to enquire about a trial, please contact our team below.

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