Webinar: Protecting Against Lead Contamination with Kemio Heavy Metals

Lead in water: how does get lead into water and why we need to test for lead

In this webinar, Palintest’s Application Scientist tells us more about lead in water, how it enters our water supply and why it is so important to monitor the amount of lead in our water.

Using Kemio Heavy Metals to monitor lead contamination

During this webinar, we will introduce our patented EPA approved technology for testing of lead in water. With Kemio Heavy Metals, lead contamination can be detected at the source in only 3 minutes, enabling you to determine the safety of your drinking water immediately.

Protecting against lead contamination with Kemio Heavy Metals

In this webinar hosted by Palintest USA’s David Hird and Ying Xu, we introduce Kemio Heavy Metals, our portable EPA approved test for lead (Pb) in drinking water and how this is used to protect against lead contamination. Lead in drinking water still remains a major issue for many people, and in this webinar we highlight how Kemio Technology can help to simplify your testing procedure and safeguard water for everyone, every day.

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