Kemio™: Independently Verified As The Best Method For Testing Produce Wash Water

An independent study by CEBAS has identified Kemio™ as the best method for testing PAA in produce wash water.

CEBAS is an influential independent research organisation in Spain, who investigate three key areas: Natural Resources, Agricultural Science, and Food Science & Technology. Through research they seek to develop strategies to achieve sustainability of fragile resources to enable them to be managed correctly to produce high quality and safe vegetable produce.

Investigating the best method for testing PAA in produce wash water

CEBAS investigated five different test methods for measuring peracetic acid (PAA) in fresh produce water. Our sensor technology, which uses chronoamperometry, was compared to a HPLC-DAD test method and three other commercial test methods: titration (drop count), reflectometric (test strips with reflectometric reading) and an amperometric sensor.

Factors such as accuracy, reproducibility and training requirements were examined. The study compared how each test method measured PAA in four types of wash water: apples, tomatoes, red sweet peppers and lemons. Our chronoamperometric sensor was found to be the best test method offering precise, real-time monitoring of wash water enabling efficient process control. View the report here.

Unaffected by colour, turbidity or organic matter

The results of the experiment demonstrated that our technology provided reliable results for a wide range of produce wash water samples. Unlike colorimetric test methods, Kemio’s chronoamperometric sensor is not affected by colour, turbidity or organic matter.

As colorimetric test methods rely on light transmission for the test function, they do not tolerate highly coloured or turbid samples making them unsuitable for testing produce wash water. Chronoamperometry does not rely on light or colour and therefore overcomes these challenges associated with reagent-based testing.

A simple test method, suitable for all users

The study also highlighted the simplicity of our chronoamperometric sensor. Whilst other methods are known for being quick and accurate, this is often dependent on the operator being highly skilled and performing the test exactly as the method states. In practice this is often very difficult and is it is known to lead to varied results.

Our Kemio™ instrument has been designed to simplify testing even further. It is suitable for all users, with no training required. Kemio™ can be used by anyone straight out of the box. On-screen instructions guide the user, minimising the chance of errors caused by the operator.

Accurate and precise measurements over a range of concentrations

Our test method delivered precise and accurate measurements for low and high concentrations of PAA, with the advantage that no dilutions were required. Other methods that follow complex procedures for dilution have more steps involved and are less likely to achieve accurate results. Kemio follows a straightforward 4-step procedure. Simply scan the sensor foil, fill the sample vessel, insert the sensor and close the lid. See for yourself by watching our short instructional video here.

Our sensors are optimised for different concentration and temperature ranges. Kemio™ tests bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and PAA on one instrument using disposable, single use amperometric sensors. To view our full list of Kemio™ sensors click here.

The best method for testing fresh produce water

The report by CEBAS definitively states that chronoamperometry is the best method for testing PAA in wash waters, providing rapid and accurate test results.

Kemio™, our next generation measurement platform, uses the chronoamperometric sensor to give you clear results. Kemio™ removes complexity for the user, delivering repeatable and reliable results, giving you confidence in your decision making. With results in 60 seconds Kemio™ provides rapid and simple monitoring of produce wash water.

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