Kemio™ now with high temperature PAA up to 4000 mg/L

Improve the accuracy of your results and remove the need for titrations in high concentration PAA applications such as aseptic fill and bottle rinsing with our brand new peracetic acid sensor.

Measuring up to 4000 mg/L (ppm) PAA the test is suitable for water samples with temperatures between 10°C-60°C (50°F-140°F) and results can be obtained in as little as 60 seconds without glassware or chemicals.


The Preferred Test Solution for Aseptic Fill and Bottle Rinsing  

Truly simple to use, with on screen instructions to guide the user through the basic steps, Kemio™ can be used by anyone, without the need for laboratory technicians. Delivering a result in 60 seconds or less, Kemio enables you to take immediate corrective actions where required.

Replacing complex two-stage titration methods within aseptic fill and bottle rinsing applications the high range sensor accurately detects PAA without interference from hydrogen peroxide, turbidity, particulates or colour. 

Without any pre-treatment steps like acidification, dilution and chilling or the need to remove hydrogen peroxide from the sample first, Kemio™ cuts down testing times. 

As the reaction occurs on the surface of each polymer-based sensor no bulk chemicals or glassware are required, removing the use of strong acids and hazardous indicators. 

How does Kemio™ work?

Kemio™ uses chronoamperometry, powered by our patented, single-use sensors which generate an electrical current by reacting with the chemical in the water sample.

Kemio™ measures this electrical signal to determine the concentration of chemical within the sample and because each pre-calibrated sensor is single use, there is no maintenance or calibration required.

Learn more about the science behind Kemio Technology by watching our webinar recording here.

Why should you choose Kemio™ Technology?

Kemio™ is different to traditional test methods, doing the hard work for the user and ensuring accurate, repeatable and reliable results each time.

With Kemio™ you can have full confidence in your results and your disinfectant dosing. Program your device to your specification so that all results display a pass or fail result, giving your operator clear guidance when corrective actions are required.

Kemio™ creates a fully traceable and auditable dataset, with automatic results logging. All test results are stored on the instrument, with a time/date stamp and the ability to add further information such as operator and location. This data can then be downloaded to a PC by connecting the device through USB.

Ideal for users who use more than one disinfection type, Kemio™ Disinfection enables testing of bromine, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and peracetic acid (PAA) on one device. See how the test works by watching our instructional video here.

Can I use this new high range high concentration PAA sensor on my existing Kemio™ Disinfection unit?

Yes, all existing Kemio™ Disinfection units are compatible with the new peracetic acid sensor. These are available to buy in packs of 100 (KEM21PAH) and 500 sensors (KEM25PAH).

To utilise these new sensors simply ensure your device has the latest software, which can be downloaded here.

To view our full list of Kemio™ sensors, click here.

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