Independently Verified: Laboratory grade results in a field instrument

External studies have validated that Palintest’s sensor technology provides results comparable to laboratory test methods such as titration and HPLC for fresh produce water testing.

Investigating Palintest sensor technology

Palintest paired up with CEBAS CSIC in Spain, Campden BRI in the UK, and SGS in China to get external validation of our sensor products against laboratory methods such as titration and HPLC.

CEBAS is an influential independent research organisation who investigate three key areas: Natural Resources, Agricultural Science, and Food Science & Technology.

Campden BRI provides scientific, technical, and advisory services to ensure product safety and quality, process efficiency and product and process innovation in the food and beverage industry.

SGS is a multinational testing, verification and certification house based in Switzerland, with 78 branches in China where these tests were performed.

Our sensor technology was compared to the HPLC test method, laboratory titrations and a drop count kit – the traditional method for onsite testing of PAA. Each method was used to measure produce wash water with differing disinfectant levels.

How easy is it to carry out the test?

Our sensor technology is a truly simple test method. It follows a straightforward 4-step procedure: scan the sensor foil, fill the sample vessel, insert the sensor, and close the lid. See for yourself by watching our short instructional video here. The HPLC method is a complex test procedure, with many steps that must be carried out in a laboratory.

Drop count methods require a complex process for dilution, pH adjustment, titration and calculation. Results are at risk of being skewed if the dilution process is not adjusted properly. Our sensor technology does not require the sample to be diluted.

Does the test suffer from interference?

Drop count kits can suffer interference from hydrogen peroxide which can lead to inaccurate results. Our sensor technology was not affected by the presence of hydrogen peroxide, so no additional sample preparation is required to remove or account for any hydrogen peroxide present.

Unlike colorimetric test methods, Kemio’s chronoamperometric sensor is not affected by colour, turbidity, floating particles, or ambient light. Colorimetric test methods rely on light transmission making them unsuitable for highly coloured or turbid samples. Our sensor technology does not rely on light or colour transmission which overcomes the problems associated with reagent-based testing.

How does the test perform over a range of concentrations?

Our sensors were compared to laboratory HPLC methods and titrations over a range of concentrations. The results showed our test method performed similarly to the laboratory methods for low and high concentrations of PAA, providing precise and accurate results. Our sensors performed better than drop count kits

Palintest sensors are optimised for a range of concentrations and temperatures. Kemio tests Bromine, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite on one instrument using single use, disposable sensors. To view a full list of our Kemio sensors click here.


The best method for testing fresh produce wash water

The investigations concluded Palintest sensor technology provides laboratory grade results using a portable instrument. Our sensors showed superior accuracy and precision testing PAA over a range of concentrations compared to the drop count kit.

Kemio™, our next generation measurement platform, delivers repeatable and reliable results from a method you can trust. Unlike traditional measurement techniques, Kemio is truly simple to use and guides the user with visual on-screen instructions, minimising chances for errors caused by users. Suitable for all samples Kemio delivers a consistent performance for samples which are coloured, turbid or include floating particles.

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