What’s New With Lumiso? Optical Bench

Our brand new Lumiso pool photometers feature a significantly updated optical platform, providing many benefits including improved accuracy between instruments and a streamlined optical chamber to make maintenance and cleaning easy.

How does Lumiso Work?

Lumiso works, like all photometers, by shining light through a sample and measuring the amount of that light which passes through. The darker the colour of the sample, the less light will make it through to the detector.

Initially all wavelengths of visible light come out of the light source. These are reduced to a single wavelength using an optical filter. The photometer will measure the light passing through the sample in percentage transmission (%T), and this value is converted to a concentration using the internal calibration of the instrument. The optical platform refers to the light set-up which works to determine the amount of light transmitted through a sample.



What’s New with the Lumiso Optical Platform?

We have designed a completely new and improved optical system with photometer performance and customer ease-of-use at the forefront of our design. Lumiso’s new features and benefits include:

1. Improved accuracy between instruments

Lumiso photometers benefit from improved instrument calibration and chemistry calibrations that are certifiable to NIST traceable spectrophotometers. These advancements mean that measurement performance and accuracy between Lumiso instruments is improved.

2. New optical chamber design to allow for differences in glass diameter

The Lumiso optical chamber is made of compression rubber material to allow for differences in glass diameter. This also works to centre the test tube to the incident light beam shining through the sample, to ensure the most accurate results.

3. Streamlined optical chamber to make maintenance and cleaning easy

We have designed our new Lumiso instrument with the customer in mind. Dirt traps and tough-to-clean features have been removed so that the optics are easy to clean, ensuring performance accuracy is maintained.


How is the Lumiso Instrument Calibrated?

Palintest calibration standards are produced by our quality control team and are traceable to national standards.  Standards are characterised using a spectrophotometer which is checked using externally certified NIST standards before being used to assign values to calibration standards.

During the manufacturing and servicing of Lumiso, the instruments will be calibrated to read the correct %T at the wavelengths available on the instrument, using Palintest calibration standards.

If you would like to find out more about Lumiso please contact a member of our team by clicking here.


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