Introducing the Pooltest 4 Photometer

Palintest is delighted to introduce our brand new Pooltest 4 photometer, expertly designed for testing your spa and indoor pool.

Inclusive of the four main tests for effective monitoring of spas and indoor pools, the Pooltest 4 includes tests for Bromine, Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity.

Conforming to industry guidance and best practice

With the use of spas becoming increasingly popular, the guidance around testing and management of these systems is being placed in the spotlight. New UK guidance HSG-282 demonstrates the need for monitoring of Bromine or Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity and Total Dissolved Solids. Our new Pooltest 4 combined with a Palintest Pocket TDS Meter will enable you to test for all these parameters required for effective spa water quality. To view the report, which includes testing guidelines, acceptable levels and any corrective actions, click here.

Simplifying water quality monitoring for spas and indoor pools

The new Pooltest 4 Photometer works in the same way as the Pooltest 3 and 6. With language free instruction and simple two-button operation, the Pooltest 4 can be used by all pool and spa personnel. The Pooltest 4 combines expert colorimetric analysis with digital measurements to deliver the most reliable results for your spa and/or indoor pool.

Customisable to your testing needs

Available for both standard (0 – 5 mg/L Cl) and extended (0 – 10 mg/L Cl) range chlorine, select the instrument most suited to your testing needs. Choose between a soft or hard case kit. For ultimate protection of your pool and spa photometer, choose the hard case kit, ideal for performing samples at the poolside, or for the most compact solution choose the soft case kit.

For more information about the Pooltest 4 Photometer visit the product page or contact our team to find out more.

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