Palintest Announce Employee Wellbeing Day on Friday 7th October

The last couple of years have been exceptionally challenging, exerting many extra stresses and strains which can build up and affect wellbeing. Taking time to look after your mental health and wellbeing is really important, but is also something that can be easily neglected as we try to strike a balance between work, family and rest.

Here at Palintest we want to make this a little easier and as we are dedicated to supporting our employees wellbeing, we want to ensure we give our employees dedicated time to do nothing but take care of themselves.

So for 2022, we will designate a day to wellbeing, so that all global Palintest employees can take a day off work to re-charge and enjoy some very important down time. Therefore, Friday 7th October 2022 will officially be a day off work for all Palintest employees, where they can focus on their physical, mental and emotional state.

This time out will help our employees focus on their personal needs and give them some time to relax and recharge in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

We hope that this additional time away from the business helps our employees focus on themselves, giving them time to recharge, ready to make Palintest an even more enjoyable place to work.

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