Palintest attend the RedR/ Cranfield University borehole drilling course

Our regional sales manager Iain McCulloch and technical support specialist Jessica McKenna recently attended the RedR/ Cranfield University borehole drilling course, a 4-day course giving students hands on experience of well siting, drilling programmes and water quality testing.

Iain and Jess held a session on water quality, discussing the importance of water quality testing and showing the attendees how to test water samples from the boreholes they had drilled. We showcased a range of our water analysis technologies including our Wagtech kits.

Wagtech kits are perfect for working in remote locations away from laboratories, such as some of the locations the course attendees will likely work to deliver clean and safe drinking water in the future.

We have a wide range of kits which are suitable for the whole range of applications from emergency response and disaster relief to longer term water quality monitoring.

For more information on our Wagtech kits or any of our products contact a member of our team by clicking here.

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