Palintest Wellbeing Day 2022

Last month we closed our offices globally for one day to allow our employees some well-deserved rest. Our designated wellbeing day took place on 7th October 2022 and was day off work for all Palintest employees to relax and recharge in whatever way they felt appropriate.

We have received some great stories of how our employees chose to spend this extra time away from the business to relax and focus on their physical, mental, and emotional state. Below are just some examples of how people spent the day and what that extra time meant to them:

My idea for well-being day was to focus on sleep. Sleep is very important to function properly and it is also plays a major role in an individual’s mental health. A good night’s sleep is critical to a person’s mood and general well-being. We got our new bed delivered and treated ourselves with new bedding pyjamas and bed side lamps. We even organised them to assemble everything so we had less stress.” – Carol Wilson, Sensors

Mental health awareness is a subject I have always felt passionate about. During my performance days I was proud to perform at many fundraising and awareness events. It is something that can affect everyone. I know only too well how debilitating anxiety, stress and depression can be.  And honestly, who amongst us cannot say they have been affected at some point in their life?

So when the company announced this day off I told my partner and she decided to take the day off herself so we could do something together. The British weather somewhat scuppered our original plans for a full morning’s bike ride, so we used the time to brave the quagmire of our allotment. After harvesting tomatoes, I took advantage of a rare break in the rain to cycle to cycle ten miles along the river to Wylam. After lunch we decided to do something we hadn’t had a chance to do since the growing season started in march and go to town for the afternoon. We headed to the Tyneside cinema where we watch a film called Amsterdam. Which although it had a lull in the middle, we both enjoyed. We then went down the quayside to have some Thai tapas at Bangrak Thai, which was really lovely and mouth-watering hot, before walking back home along the Tyne as the sun set.” – Asa Maddison, Instrument Manufacture

The early morning rain on Friday flooded the golf course, so I pivoted to hitting balls at the driving range (in ironically nice weather).” – Iain McCulloch, General Manager, Sales

“I went hiking with a friend!!” – Antonio Codina, R&D Chemistry Development Manager

“First walk out with Archie” – Sharon Cooper, HR Business Partner

“Just giving you a quick peek into what I got up to on the wellbeing day…at Lucker and Bamburgh beach where I have a lodge and spend every other weekend and holiday throughout the year. This is my favourite place to just relax and take in the beautiful coastline and surrounding area.” – Claire Ellis, Quality Lab Manager

“My wellbeing day allowed me to have an extra day’s holiday on my week off, it started with an iced latte at Starbucks and ended with us arriving at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest for a well-deserved family break” – Georgina Stavers, Marketing Manager

“The Wellbeing Day allowed me to drive back to Manchester so I could play golf with my sister on Saturday. Not seen her in ages so was most welcome.” – James Seel, Operations Director

“On the wellbeing day, we started by a visit to the recycling center but the weather was awful so it was a case of out of the car and dump everything then straight back in the car, followed by breakfast then some retail therapy.” – Kevin Wilson, Instrument Service Manager

Playing a musical instrument has been shown to improve mental health I intended to spend time outside but as it was raining heavily in the morning, I spent some time to play my guitar and learn a new song. It is easy to neglect hobbies when you are busy and I rarely make time to play. Thanks for giving me the gift of time.” – Richard Johnston, R&D Director

We are so pleased with how this day went. It was an important reminder that even in the chaos of day-to-day life, taking time to look after your mental health and wellbeing is really important.

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