Palintest’s Brand New Pooltester – Made From 100% Recycled Plastics

Palintest’s brand-new Pooltester features a stylish, vibrant new design, but one of the standout features is that the entire case is made from 100% recycled PET. The use of 100% recycled plastics in the case is a great benefit to both retailers and end-users with strict sustainability goals, and Palintest aim to consider sustainability as a top priority in all new product development going forward.

Did you know? Due to the nature of recycled plastics, the transparency and colour of the Pooltester case lid may vary slightly depending on the season. As the lid is made from 100% recycled PET, maintaining a consistent shade is not possible due to the variation in the colour of the resin.

The colour of the recycled PET is dependent entirely on the waste we recycle; in the winter season this tends to be more fizzy drinks bottle which will give the resin a darker hue, whereas in the summer months there is a lot more water bottles being used and recycled, meaning we can expect the plastic a slightly lighter, more transparent colour. The plastic bottles we put in our recycling bin will directly impact the colour of the recycled PET produced by suppliers and used in multiple products by manufacturers across the globe, including in our brand new Pooltester!

Even though the colour of the Pooltester lid may vary season to season, you can still expect a reliable, easy-to-use test kit which comes with illustrated pictorial instructions to ensure every user is able to perform accurate testing for the most popular pool parameters, straight out of the box.

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