Photometer End of Life Announcement

At Palintest, we are committed to continual product development, ensuring that we deliver the best technologies to safeguard water for everyone, every day.

From time to time, this means we are required to discontinue product lines, enabling us to streamline our processes and deliver the very best service to our customers.

We are committed to minimalising disruption and supporting our customers in the best way, which is why we would like to notify you of the intention to discontinue some of our products.

From 1st September 2021, our compact photometers will be discontinued and no longer available to purchase. The products covered in this range are:

  • Compact Chlorometer: PTH045D, PTS045D
  • Compact Chlorometer Duo PTH027, PTS027
  • Compact ClO2+: PTH046, PTS046
  • Compact Ozone: PTH043, PTS043
  • Compact Ammonia: PTH041, PTS041
  • Compact Ammonia Duo: PTH042, PTS042
  • Turbimeter/Chlorometer Kit: PTH7091 
  • Turbimeter/Chlorometer Duo Kit: PTH7092
  • Turbimeter/ClO2+ Kit: PTH7093
  • Turbimeter/Ozone Kit: PTH7094
  • Turbimeter/Ammonia + Kit PTH7095 
  • Turbimeter/Ammonia Duo Kit: PTH7096

The instruments in this range are being replaced by brand new Lumiso photometers. For more information on this range click here

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