Webinar: Best practice tips for using your Palintest Photometer

Photometry is the industry standard for testing most water chemistry parameters. During this three part webinar series, we will review how photometry works, how to have repeatable, reliable and accurate results and the importance of maintenance and service of your photometer.

Introduction to photometry

Palintest’s Application Scientist, gives an introduction to photometry and how it works in part 1 of our photometer webinar series.

Best practice tips for using your photometer

In the second of our photometer webinar series, Palintest’s Technical Manager, Neil Young, takes you through some of the best practice tips for using your photometer.

Note: at 2:06 dilute 1% chlorine solution is 10,000 mg/L not 10 mg/L 

Cleaning and maintenance of your photometer

In the final part of our photometer webinar series, Palintest’s Anthony Medway talks you through aftercare of your Palintest photometer, including advice on how to clean and maintain your instrument to maximise its lifespan.

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