Pool Chemistry Guide

Bather comfort and safety is essential to any pool operator. To ensure this and the efficient running of the pool, the pool water quality must be continuously monitored. The Pool Chemistry Guide gives you a definition of the parameters that are most important in the pool industry, a guide to the recommended levels, and the effects of poor water monitoring.

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Recommended Parameter Levels for Swimming Pools

Parameter UK Recommended Levels
Chlorine 1.0 mg/L
Bromine 4-6 mg/L
PHMB 20-40 mg/L
Hydrogen Peroxide 30-100 mg/L
Ozone 1 mg/L for two minutes
pH 7.2-7.4 ideally, 7.0-7.6 is acceptable
Alkalinity Between 80-200 mg/L
Cyanuric Acid 25-50 mg/L
Calcium Hardness Below 80-200 mg/L
Phosphate Below 0.01 mg/L
TDS Not more than 1000 mg/L above mains water, to a maximum of 3000 mg/L
Salinity Between 2500-3500 mg/L
Turbidity Less than 0.5 NTU
Colony Count Not more than 10 CFU per 100 mL
Total Coliforms Absent in 100 mL
E. coli Absent in 100 mL
Ps. Aeruginosa Absent in 100 mL


Palintest always recommends that you seek advice on your local authority legislation.

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