Our Most Advanced Portable Water Quality Laboratory: Wagtech™ Potalab+

The Wagtech™ Potalab+ is a self-contained and complete solution for drinking water quality assurance, in a single kit.

humanitarianWhat is the Potalab used for?

The Wagtech™ Potalab+ is ideally suited to long term water quality monitoring and professional monitoring in rural locations. The precision and flexibility of the kit enables water to be monitored in diverse and challenging environments, all over the world.

The key application for the Potalab is for deployment as a stand-alone laboratory in a drinking water provision system. It is normally found in systems which have water intake, treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure, where the more sophisticated analysis techniques allow close control of drinking water supply from catchment to tap.

Furthermore, the portable components of the Potalab can be used at the household level to ensure that supplied water remains potable up until the moment that it is drunk. There is increasing focus on this crucial last step part of the water supply chain with the aim of ensuring that users do not contaminate their water before drinking.

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What is included in the Potalab+ kit?

The Wagtech™ Potalab+ includes all the equipment and accessories required for long term water quality monitoring.

2 Wagtech Incubators

The biological quality of the water is often the most important to establish. Exposure to microbial pathogens, such as cholera, can have rapid adverse effects on health.

The Wagtech™ incubator has been specifically designed for field use, enabling microbiological testing to be performed in the most challenging environments. With a high sample capacity, suitable for thermotolerant/faecal coliforms and total coliforms, up to 40 samples can be incubated simultaneously. The digital incubator is battery-powered and can test five full cycles between charges.

Digital Arsenic Test System

Arsenic is a critical test for determining water quality because of its toxic nature.

The Digital Arsenic Test Kit enables accurate and safe field measurements of arsenic, helping to protect rural communities from arsenic poisoning. The test kit has sensitivity down to 2 parts per billion, exceeding the WHO guidelines of 10 ppb in drinking water. Confirming the safety of drinking water in 20 minutes the Digital Arsenic Test Kit enables rapid action to be taken to close of contaminated water supplies.

Photometer 7500

Chlorine is widely used to treat water, it is effective at killing pathogens such as bacteria, and is simple to dose and measure. After treatment, you need a small amount of active chlorine (known as residual chlorine) to remain in the water. The presence of residual chlorine indicates that a sufficient amount of chlorine was added to the water and that the water is protected from further contamination.

The Photometer 7500 provides digital testing of a wide range of parameters including chlorine.

Turbimeter Plus

Turbidity is a crucial parameter for determining drinking water quality. Monitoring turbidity of water is used to measure the processing efficiency. Turbidity changes in drinking water can indicate a range of problems including ineffective disinfection and problems with the filters.

The Turbimeter Plus uses unique Quadoptix technology to deliver rapid water quality results. The handheld meter delivers turbidity results in less than 10 seconds when using normal mode. Ideal for field use the Turbimeter Plus is ideal for field use with initial battery power for approximately 10,000 tests.

Micro 800 Multiparameter Meter

It is important to measure the pH of drinking water because it can directly impact the performance of the treatment and disinfection process.

The Micro 800 Multiparameter meter combines testing for pH, ORP, TDS, Salinity and Temperature. It has full data reporting and recording for up to 500 data sets.

Wagtech™ Potalab+ is the ultimate portable water quality laboratory
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