Potalab+ Advanced Portable Water Quality Laboratory

The Potalab Advanced Portable Water Quality Laboratory is a self-contained and complete solution for drinking water quality assurance, in a single kit.

A complete solution

The twin incubators in the kit offer high-volume microbiological testing capabilities, and the ability to run incubation cycles at different temperatures simultaneously. It includes a photometer for digital measurement of a full panel of chemical parameters, a precise and accurate turbidity meter and high-specification combined pH/conductivity/TDS meter.

From catchment to tap

The key application for the Potalab is for deployment as a stand-alone laboratory in a drinking water provision system. It is normally found in systems which have water intake, treatment, storage and distribution infrastructure, where the more sophisticated analysis techniques allow close control of drinking water supply from catchment to tap. Furthermore, the portable components of the Potalab can be used at the household level to ensure that supplied water remains potable up until the moment that it is drunk. There is increasing focus on this crucial last step part of the water supply chain with the aim of ensuring that users do not contaminate their water before drinking.

The Potalab also includes an Arsenator for digital testing of arsenic, down to 2 parts per billion (where the WHO recommend limit is 10 ppb). Arsenic can go largely undetected and this rapid tests means that water contaminated with arsenic can be restricted.

The precision and flexibility of the Potalab has given users in challenging and diverse water provision contexts all over the world the capability to comprehensively manage their water systems at every point of the process.

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