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Food safety is critical for the health of all individuals and that’s why we are launching a campaign to promote food safety and effective sanitization control.

At Palintest we believe that effective food safety starts with effective sanitization control. The manufacturing and processing of food and beverage is a highly regulated industry, with differing guidelines depending on the location or the buyer. Thorough cleaning of all produce and equipment must be performed to remove excess organic material and prevent cross contamination. To find out why consistent standards are important in fresh produce washing take a look at our support article. A variety of sanitizers are used in food and beverage processing, the most common of which are:


Over or under dosing of sanitizers can have a severe impact on the quality of finished produce. Read our article what is the best method for produce wash water to find out more about the effects of over and under dosing of sanitizers.  Continuing innovation with online dosing equipment means that producers do not have to manually add sanitizers to the wash systems, however the growth in online systems has not been supported by the techniques used for validating and calibrating those very same systems. Without effective calibration and validation, these systems do not support satisfactory QA and risk management procedures.

Validation of these systems may be enforced by produce buyers, however many processors are failing to understand the importance of this process and how it helps to safeguard food safety and consumer well being. That’s why we are committed to helping to raise the bar for effective sanitization and testing protocol.

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