Preventing Lead Contamination In Schools

The Palintest USA team were in Canada back in 2020 training 250 people to use our Kemio™ Heavy Metals to identify drinking water contaminated with lead in local schools. Kemio™ will detect lead contamination in 3 minutes, enabling the school to close off any affected water supply. This will help protect the lives of thousands of children across the region.

The dangers of lead in drinking water

Highly toxic to humans, and in particular children, drinking water contaminated with even a small amount of lead over a long period of time can be toxic. In 2019, new guidelines were released by Health Canada with a drinking water target of below 5 µg/L, with the Kemio Heavy Metals instrument detecting contamination of lead as low 2 µg/L. To find out more about the changes to lead regulations in Canada, read our support article.

Using Kemio™ Technology to safeguard drinking water in schools

The Palintest USA team, worked alongside their local agent from Atera Enviro, to train a wide range of school board professionals. With no laboratory or chemistry training, Kemio™ Heavy Metals is truly simple to use, delivering reliable results in 3 minutes.

See for yourself by watching our short instructional video below, or for our full range of videos, visit our YouTube channel. 

The EPA approved Kemio™ method enables testing of a wide range of samples in a short space of time, without the need to send samples to the laboratory. Rolled out across schools in the area, this training is one of the steps schools and the health board are taking to improve the safety of drinking water in schools and protect the children. We are delighted Kemio™ Heavy Metals is being trusted to help safeguard children across Canada.

Palintest is proud to be supporting such a great initiative helping to safeguard water for everyone, every day.

Delegates in Canada being trained by the Palintest USA
team to identify drinking water contaminated with lead

Lead in drinking water: common causes and lead testing
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