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We are delighted to be offering a range of webinars to help you learn more about water safety and how testing can be used to improve water quality.

To sign up to our webinars, please follow the ‘register here’ links below. All webinars will be presented in English and are advertised in British Summer Time (BST).

Accuracy and precision in water testing – what do they mean and what is the significance?

During this webinar, we will take you through an explanation of accuracy and precision, and their significance in water testing. We will explain how to ensure that your data is reliable and reproducible, and ensure you are making the right decision about water management. Suitable for all those working the water management and water testing industry.

Wednesday 3rd June, 10:00 am BST Register here


Protecting against lead contamination with Kemio Heavy Metals

During this webinar, we will focus on understanding the importance of lead testing and introduce you to Kemio Heavy Metals, our unique EPA approved sensor technology, which is used to prevent and protect against lead contamination.

Ideal for those working for water utilities, building management and water analysis and management companies.

Wednesday 10th June, 10:00 BST Register here


Spa chemistry: HSG:282 and testing advice for reopening your hot tub and spa facilities

The spa sector continues to grow rapidly with increasing popularity across the sector. Whether you are taking advantage of the summer sun in your own home spa or operating commercial spas in a leisure centre or holiday let; we can help you understand the chemistry needed to keep your spa safe. We will explore the key test parameters you need to consider when re-opening your spa as well as testing required for general water quality and spa maintenance. In this webinar we will also cover the latest UK guidance for spas, HSG:282, showcasing the ideal testing solutions for both domestic and commercial settings.

Wednesday 17th June, 10:00 BST Register here


Helping food and beverage producers address challenges with disinfectant management and verification

Effective disinfection is crucially important in the food and beverage industry to ensure product safety and quality. Disinfection control presents a number of challenges which can be addressed by employing advanced disinfection measurement methods. We’ll conclude by examining case studies in produce, beverage and meat/poultry applications.

Ideal for quality, safety or production professionals in the food and beverage industry.

Wednesday 24th June, 13:00 BST Register here

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