Spotlight on… Palintest’s Kemio Sensor Technology: Advancing US EPA Lead and Copper Rule Compliance and Contributing to the Global Water Crisis Solution

Palintest’s Kemio sensor technology is revolutionising water analysis, offering rapid and precise results to aid compliance with the stringent US EPA Lead and Copper Rule. This innovation helps protect public health by monitoring lead and copper levels at consumer’s taps, allowing water utility professionals to quickly and efficiently identify corroded pipelines.

Kemio’s user-friendly interface and quick analysis empowers water utilities, regulators and individuals to detect lead and copper contamination promptly. Its portability allows on-site testing, reducing costs and enabling rapid detection of lead service lines. The integration with digital platform Palintest Connect facilitates data management, streamlining water quality analysis.

Beyond it’s local impact, Kemio also plays a significant role in addressing the global water crisis. By enabling detection of lead and copper contaminated water sources and improving water quality management more generally, Kemio ensures safer drinking water, safeguarding the health of millions.

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