What’s New With Lumiso? Check Standards

Our brand new Lumiso pool photometers use the most advanced photometric technology to deliver quick and effective results for pool and spa management. To support accurate pool and spa testing further Lumiso features new and improved check standards.

What are Check Standards and why should you use them?

Check Standards are available for all Palintest photometers and are used to check the calibration of the instrument to ensure it is performing correctly.

Lumiso check standards, like the check standards available with our previous compact range, are Neutral Density Filters (NDFs). A Neutral Density Filter is an optical filter that absorbs light of all wavelengths to the same extent. Therefore, they are very predictable when used as check standards in optical instruments such as Lumiso. The standards are made of a piece of coloured glass rather than a liquid. This means they are non-hazardous and are stable for longer than a liquid check standard.

What is new with Lumiso Check Standards?

We have simplified the check standard procedure for the new Lumiso photometers. Lumiso check standard kits consist of one blank and two standards, rather than one blank and three standards, this enables a quicker testing procedure.

Lumiso photometers can be tested using only two check standards because the new check standards will test the two wavelengths of light that the instrument uses, rather than the concentration measurement for each individual parameter.

How do the Lumiso Check Standards work?

The blank standard is used first, followed by the other standards. The value shown on screen is then compared to the certificate provided in the check standard kit to confirm that the photometer is conforming to our calibration standards.

As the new Lumiso check standards are testing the %T measurement at each wavelength, there is a slight change in how the check standards should be used. The blank, Standard A and Standard B must be tested at both wavelengths. The label on the top of the standard indicates how to align the standard depending on the wavelength being measured. Full instructions will be provided with your check standard kit.

Why do Lumiso Check Standards measure Percentage Transmission (%T) rather than concentration?

Lumiso works, like all photometers, by measuring the amount of light that passes through the sample. This value is known as the “Percentage Transmission” or “%T”.

Lumiso’s software will convert the %T value measured into a concentration of chemical, such as mg/L of chlorine. Therefore, to verify that the instrument is within calibration it is only necessary to check that the instrument is measuring %T correctly for each wavelength of light it uses. This simplifies the check standard testing procedure and is quicker than testing individual parameters.

Ordering Information

Lumiso Check Standard Kits will be available from the beginning of February. The part number is LMC001.

If you would like to find out more about Lumiso please contact our team by clicking here or by emailing sales@staging.palintest.halmacloud.com 
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