What’s New with Lumiso Expert?

Lumiso Expert is our brand-new multi-parameter benchtop photometer offering an extensive range of over 75 tests to ensure all your water testing needs are covered.  For users operating in water maintenance industries, such as drinking water and wastewater who need to perform water analysis testing in-situ or in laboratory environments, across frequent and less frequently used parameters. Utilising the Lumiso optical engine – a new and improved system of optics, this photometer ensures accurate and reliable results, meaning expert testing is at your fingertips.

Highly Accurate and Reliable Results

The Lumiso Expert makes use of the Lumiso optical engine, which is consistent across our whole range of handheld and benchtop photometers. The optical chamber design features compression rubber which allows for differences in glass diameter and works to centre the test tube to the incident light beam shining through the sample to ensure the most accurate results.


This new optical design guarantees accurate and reliable results, allowing checks to be carried out to ensure that the chemical parameters tested in water samples are within regulation specifications, and ultimately helping to prevent dangerous contamination or incorrect dosing.

As the optical design is consistent across our entire photometer range, this ensures accurate and consistent results regardless of if you are using a handheld or benchtop Lumiso photometer.

Designed to be Used in Challenging Environments

The Lumiso Expert instrument has been designed for use in any environment. The instrument is IP67 rated for waterproofing and humidity, meaning use with wet hands or the occasional sample spillage will not be an issue. The instrument touchscreen can also be used with gloved or wet hands and in-field in rainy environments without issue. The Lumiso Expert is a small size, which means it is portable and if required for use in-field can be easily transported.  The instrument has also been impact tested to IK08 as part of EN61010, and the touchscreen is fitted with an scratch and chemical resistant coating.

Ideal Data for Auditing, Compliance and Data Management

Measurements taken on the Lumiso Expert instrument are saved automatically, including the test data, date, time, and any user, labels or notes attached to each result. The instrument stores up to 1000 results which are accessible via the device’s screen. All data can also be uploaded to our cloud-based data management platform, Palintest Connect, through either USB or QR code data transfer. This means that data is easily accessible making compliance easy.

Test Results in just a Few Clicks

Testing using the Lumiso Expert is quick and easy. The instrument includes a large touchscreen interface, meaning all options are easy to see and access quickly. The user can also select their most-used tests from the test list to create a user-defined favourites list, meaning these tests are easily accessible.

The instrument includes multilingual on-screen test instructions for every test, so that they can be easily referenced when performing a new test or when performing routine testing if required. This saves time referring to paper-based test instructions and avoids confusion as all test instructions are fully illustrated, allowing the user to get to the actual testing faster.

Brand New Kit Design

Including all accessories required to carry out testing, the Lumiso Expert kit contains 10 test tubes, 10 crush rods, a dilution tube, polishing cloth, and syringe. The kit itself is made from 85% recycled plastic materials and features a reusable waterproof reagent box which can be used to store reagents purchased with the kit. The waterproof design protects from water damage.

Lumiso Expert is available to order now. If you are interested in an accurate, robust photometer featuring over 75 tests and on-screen test instructions along with many other useful features, get in touch to request a quote by clicking here.

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